TRVS Vacuum dehydrators

When large quantities of water are present in your oil, that’s where the Triple R TRVS series comes in. Mobile, available in multiple sizes and plug & play.


Very fast and highly effective water removing device

Easy full automatic

Removes water, moisture, and air bubbles

Gelöstes Wasser: 80%

Freies Wasser: 100%

Luftblasen: 100%

Viscosity range from 10 ~ 680 cSt

Oil temperature from 40°C ~ 70°

On-demand, all systems can be supplied with ATEX/EX certification


  • Extends oil life
  • Important reduction of waste oil & disposal cost.
  • Reduces the purchasing cost of oil.
  • Prevents machines failures and extends the machine life:
  • Prevents pump cavitations.
  • Prevents machine wear caused by rust.
  • Reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Improves the productivity.
  • Low running cost
  • No consumables, one-time investment.

Technical specifications TRVS series

Modell TRVS-10E TRVS-30E TRVS-70E
Elektrisch Available in: 220V – 400V
Pumpenleistung ~10,0 l/m ~20,0 l/m ~70,0 l/m
Druck No pressure should be present, pump is selfpriming.
Ein/aus 3/4'' x 1/2''
1 1/4’’ x 1 1/4’’
2’’ x 1 1/2’’
Gewicht (kg) ~260,0 ~380,0 ~1250,0
Abm. bxh (cm) ~109 x 152 ~144 x 152 ~205 x 235
Inhalt Comes plug & play, no consumables required.
Options TRVS series can be equipped with a heater.

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