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Since 2018 TRIS B.V. became an importer for Europe, including exclusivity for assembly and engineering of Triple R products for the European market!

We take a different approach in oil related maintenance. Tiple R Oil Cleaner | TRIS B.V. is importer, sales channel, assembly and engineering base for the European market. Besides this, we also offer installation of Triple R systems, oil management, (complete) oil analysis, trainings & workshops and a huge stock of (plug & play) rental equipment. Everything is available from stock ensuring the best service and shortest lead times.

Removes 99% of all solid
dirt particles

Reduces the concentration of water <100 ppm

Eliminates the development of oxidation and resins

Extends the life of
(critical) components

Reduces the oil consumption and discharge of used oil 

Extends the life of current (expensive full flow) filters 

Significantly reducing oil-related breakdowns

Reducing CO2 footprint


Triple R’s patented, unique filter design forces the oil through a 114mm (!) thick filter mass, consisting of 3 different layers. The largest particles remain on top, which for that matter offers an excellent analysis of the wear in the machine, smaller particles are captured in the middle, whereas the very smallest particles <2 microns are captured in the bottom, compressed part.

Besides dirt, the filter element built up of special cellulose paper can also absorb about 200 ml of water. But, what makes the filter elements of Triple R really unique compared to all other filters is the unique quality that it removes resins and oxidation products from the oil. No other similar product is able to remove all 3 forms of contamination: particles, water, and resins oils.


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TRIPLE R Oil Filtration was developed in the 1960s based on an American patent. Initially, the objective was to create a product that would increase the lifespan of engine oil in trucks. In those days it was necessary to change oil every 3,000-4,000 km. The very first oil filter produced by TRIPLE R made it possible to extend the interval between oil changes to every 100,000 km!

From the onset our company has made product development its highest priority: we continually upgrade our products to deliver the highest quality filtration as well as meet the challenges of the changing industries where TRIPLE R cleaning systems have become a fundamental part of protecting oil-based machinery and system.

Unique Product

Because of the continuous investments of TRIS | Triple R in the field of research and development our products offer the greatest effectiveness with regard to oil filtration. The filter elements of Triple R function according to the 3-phase filtration concept; a unique and patented filtration method. The oil is forced axially through the filter, so that a considerably thicker filtration mass is created compared to non-Triple R filter elements. Larger particles are captured at the top side, smaller particles up to 5μ are captured in the non-compressed part of the element and the smallest particles up to 2μ are captured in the bottom, compressed part of the filter element.

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While Triple R Oil Cleaner | TRIS is the main distributor in Europe, we also have specific partners in key areas in Europe. Looking for Triple R Oil Cleaner products and the same services we can provide but located near you? Look no further, below are our partners that offer not only Triple R products, they also provide service, maintenance, rental equipment & more. We work closely with our partners to ensure the same consistent quality. Only the best for our customers! Looking to become a partner?
Check out our “become a partner” page!


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