You have chosen an application that contains a gearbox just a month or perhaps many years ago as an application that fit your needs. 

You can have a gearbox in many of your applications and it’s doing its job as it should, however from the moment you start using it, its components start to wear. This gearbox is what you expected, however, it also expects something from you if you want to keep your gearbox reliable.

Every gearbox, either splash-or force lubricated, is critical to every application.  At some moment you will have maintenance costs that you wish you could have avoided, but you have to act on it, otherwise, you risk your application breaking down.

Frequently the cause of these failures is damaged gears and bearings which are caused due to bad lubrication. More often than not gearbox manufacturers do not install any kind of standard filter equipment. However contaminated oil can be a real danger, this risk can be greatly reduced by using deep filtration in a bypass set-up.

By conditioning your oil you will not only reduce your maintenance costs but also reduce your CO2 footprint due to your oil lifetime extension. Many of our existing customers still use the same oil as they did when we introduced deep filtration 30 years ago in their company.

Don’t wait, keep your gearboxes up and running, ensuring reliability. Let us assist you in choosing the right product for your gearbox with oil up till 380 CsT.

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