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A calamity is always inconvenient

We can always give you advice in the event of a calamity, also because of our long-term experience in the field of filtration. We consider our investments in rental systems to be very important and thanks to our extensive rental fleet we always have a fitting rental system.

If necessary, we always have a fitting rental system to assist you, not only for large quantities but also for small quantities of oil or other fluids. Either through normal transport (a day later at your location) or through rapid transport (the same day at your location), you will always have a high-quality filtration system when you have a surplus of moisture or dirt in your fluid/tank.

Advantages of Rental Equipments

Quickly Available (Same day on site if available)
No investment budget required
Large selection, always a solution
Installation possible by us
Report of findings
Complete with hoses
(plug and play)

Rental systems SE-100 / 200 /300

Suitable for applications without any pressure. This system ensures effective filtering of all dirt particles, moisture, and oxidation products(varnisch) that cannot be removed with standard filters. 

Osca 30X rental systems

Typically for larger oil volumes in pressureless environments. Because of their flexibility and large capacity they are excellent not only as stationary but also for rotation or as (oil-related) calamity filtration systems. This system ensures effective filtering of all dirt particles, moisture, and oxidation products(varnish) 

TRVS-30E Vacuum dehydrators

When large quantities of water are present in your oil, that’s where the Triple R TRVS-30E series comes in. Mobile and plug & play. *Available with Atex certification if required

  • Very fast and highly effective water removing device, meant for high duty applications.
  • Easy full automatic operation.
  • Removes water, moisture and air bubbles:
  • Dissolved water: 80%
  • Free water: 100%
  • Air bubbles: 100%
  • Viscosity range from 10 ~ 680 cSt.
  • Oil temperature from 40°C ~ 70°C.

80 Liter pump

This 80 liter mobile pump can be used for fluids like hydraulic oil and lubrication oil. This pump comes with 2 spin-on filters, available from 10 till 125 micron.


The MMC-serie is a series of mobile fluid cleaning units. It can be used for various kinds of fluids like Hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, diesel, and more. This system is designed to remove large amounts of water (max 2,5 L per filter) and contamination from your application.

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