WS series

The WS series (Water Separator) is an offline system designed to remove particles and water from oil. These systems are equipped with their own motor/pump combination, suitable for an application without any pressure. The WS works as a 2 stage filtration system. Where the first stage removes all dirt particles and the second stage removes and collects water. In the acrylglass part of the (second stage) filterhousing is a drain valve placed for easy removal of the collected water.

Increases reliability and deployability of machine

Extends the life of
the oil

Reduces maintenance costs & machine idleness

Relieves the

Technical specifications WS series

Model WS-WD WS-WD-1PF WS-SU103-1R-WS20
Electrical Available in: 24V – 110V – 220V – 400V
Pumpcapacity 1,6 l/m 1,6 l/m 6,0 l/m
Pressure No pressure should be present, pump is selfpriming. Pumpsafety opens at 4,5 bar.
Element Type 100 series: type WG. WS series: WS10, WS20. PRE series: 10PF
Nr. of elements 1 x WG100
1 x WS10
1 x 10PF
1 x WS10
3 x WG100
3 x WS20
Weight (kg) ~25,0 ~27,5 ~95,0
Dim. b x h (cm) ~50 x 50 ~50 x 50 ~95 x 104
Material WS-WD: Aluminium
WS-WD-10PF: Stainless steel
WS-SU103-1R-WS20: Stainless steel
Contents Package contains first (set of) element(s), switch, and sample point.
Options WS series can be equipped with a heater

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